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Welcome To The Blog Share Support Site!

This blog is created to support old and bloggers struggling with their blogs/sites and also to help bloggers gain more hits and make money from their blogs

Without wasting your time this site is created from blog and site owners who are struggling to gain followers, likes, shares, support, and increase in site visitors having suffered the same fate as a beginner I throught of the solutions. I have seen bloggers who are not interested in supporting other new bloggers, I have liked, commented and followed bloggers who continue to ignore me. Of course, I felt very bad and I know you have probably experienced the same thing or even worse. Also, #Instagram is the worst they simply follow then unfollow your account, you end up following spam and fake accounts. Twitter is not any better same system applied in Twitter too. So if you are here and you are not going to follow other accounts, like a post, share and drop a comment on blog posts well this site ain’t made for you.

The whole idea is to support new and old bloggers who are struggling or still struggling with their blog/site. As you can see the name connotes it all- Therefore feel free to request for a guest post.

There are few rules to keep the blog neat and spam free. I will soon update all the necessary information- in the main time leave me a comment if you like this idea of this blog. I would like to see more encouraging comments.



Thank you, all the best!


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