Until You Learn To Read Posts, Share And Support Other Bloggers, You Won’t Realy Grow

Blogging Requires Consistency, Patience And Commitment!!

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Until You Learn To Read Posts, Share And Support Other Bloggers, You Won’t Realy Grow, yes; said it and this is true. Because you can’t really gro without learning and learning comes by reading about others success, tips, and ideas of how it’s done. Also, you can’t expect to grow if you don’t add value to others. Why would I spend my time and money reading a blog which doesn’t add value to my time? One must at least make an effort to support other bloggers by sharing a few tips at least. I know of many bloggers who have written a masterpiece but because they hardly have time to like, comment or share other blogs they ended losing followers and soon their hits dropped. I will rather have fewer hits with steady visitors who actively engage with my blog and are willing to share and Pin my posts, over time it will grow into a steady and successful super hit blog.

Blogging at times can be stressful but most of the time it pays in the end if you follow the simplest of rules which sadly most of us avoid. I call them (lazy-bad-bloggers).

Why Lazy Bad-Bloggers ?

Because they have the following characteristics:

They won’t reciprocate

They only like and would never comment on your blog no matter how many time you comment on their- bad!

They are only on your page to steal your style and ideas

They have no desire to share anything you post no matter how beautifully written.

I am happy to drop in and add a few lines here to support bloggers struggling to make ends meet via blogging or just plain bloggers whose passion is in the marketing sector. Also, travel blogger, beauty bloggers, home decor blogger, foodie bloggers, lifestyle blogger, and DIY bloggers etc.

According to the previous post I made, I was hoping we could share ideas on the via comments and encourage everyone seeking information. 

Let’s Get You Started!!

Many of us happen to fall face flat when making a crucial decision of our life, in fact, we find ourselves facing a brick wall. Finding a solution to every single detail of your life’s event or area of challenge is difficult and the best is to piece together piece of the information we could find online or from word of mouth. Sharing your personal problem online doesn’t always mean your problem will be solved but you can find an idea, suggestion or even solution by following tips from others who have been on that same road. The secret of my happiness lies in my desire to support others who are seeking for what information and ideas they could find.

I learn more by sharing and giving back to the blogging community. Of course, many marketers will frown at this or agree with me, to tell you the truth It takes a lot to start a business and grow it. Building a successful business not only requires laser focus on the profit it requires finding ways to provide more value to your customers which is key to a successful business. What’s more, businessmen and women won’t stop giving away to gain trust, make more sales and even increase their profit. Finding ways to save more is everyone policy and smart businessmen and women are aware of this,  they form a creative way to encourage you to save more by selling at a cheaper rate which translates to more sales for them. An example is free shipping, free delivery, buy-one-get-two ads sales, sales, and special discounts etc

 As for bloggers, the blogosphere community has a way to encourage their own. They came up with trophies and awards. Learn how bloggers awards are made and why etc. Also, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube including Whatsapp now have bloggers group. Each of these group has their unique ways to provide answers and tips to bloggers and even businessmen and women seeking growth. They also encourage link sharing and SEO training. Some of these groups offer free or paid tips.

Here Are Free Tips To Help You Get Started!

  1. Here is a link if you are planning on starting a new blog or already started but still need to learn more about basic blogging techniques
  2. Here is a link of a post if you are thinking of starting a blog with Pinterest/Instagram settings
  3. Here is a Link of a post if you are thinking of making changes to your blog but have indecision issues (you are not crazy!)
  4. Here is a link if are struggling with fear of the unknown, as a result, you are yet to come around to starting your own blog
  5. Perhaps you need a little boost with your bucket lists and unable to choose what to do

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